23 February 2020,   17:14
Closed meeting in the office of "Georgian Dream" - Kakha Kaladze meets Tbilisi Sakrebulo members and Governors

After the meeting of members of the parliamentary majority in the "Georgian Dream" office, Tbilisi Sakrebulo deputies and district governors are gathering.

It is already known that the ruling political force changrd the strategy ahead of the second round and passed to the emergency regime.

Two headquarters were created prior to the second round, Irakli Kobakhidze was appointed as head of the headquarters throughout the country. He has already held consultations with the lawmakers. According to the current information, the head of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo and district governors of Tbilisi, were summoned by Kakha Kaladze to the "Georgian Dream`s" central office.

"Today we have a meeting with Tbilisi"s election headquarters to win more convincingly in the second round," Irakli Zarkua, chairman of the Sakrebulo Property Management and Finance and Budget Commission said.

When asked what strategy the Georgian Dream chooses after their candidate lost the election in the capital, Zarkua responded that Zourabichvili won, but simply lacked the votes.

"You are still in your style. Salome Zurabishvili or "Georgian Dream" did not lose Tbilisi . We won the first round, we simply did not have enough votes, "Zarkua says.

Didube district governor and other representatives of the regional organizations have already arrived at the "Georgian Dream" central office.