17 September 2019,   13:18
It is absolutely outrageous and shameful to leave Gakharia the position - Elene Khoshtaria


Proportional elections will be held in 2020- European Georgia responds to the statement of the ruling team.

Elene Khoshtaria, one of the leaders of the party, made a statement. According to her, "Georgian Dream" decision means that after 4 days of protest, the society has achieved victory.

"Apart from the fact that you have managed to force Georgian Dream to retreat and achieve a fair and proportionate system, you told all politicians and all future governments that damage of dignity will always have its consequences and every government will be responsible for such unworthy and illegal behaviour. Therefore, I sincerely congratulate the organizers of the rally, "Khoshtaria says.

A member of "European Georgia" states that the government is trading with the rally participants.

"It"s absolutely outrageous and shameful to leave Gakharia on his position, "- Khoshtaria said.