19 June 2018,   02:58
Drugs, planted in my son"s car were seized from Ramaz Kharshiladze"s vehicle,- Eliso Kiladze"s scandalous statement

Another  scandalous statement of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Kronika Plus. Eliso Kiladze states that she has identified the high-ranking official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who directly headed her son"s detention operation.

Kiladze blames the head of the Department of Illegal Turnover of Drugs of the MIA"s Central Criminal Police if planting drugs.

The journalist says that two pieces of narcotic substance were seized from Ramaz Tarashvili"s car and were planted to her son"s vehicle.

"This is the senior official of the MIA. Almost has the position of a deputy Minister. He was in the place of detention. As I know, Ramaz Tarashvili is questioned. He directly performed Gogashvili"s instructions, "- said Eliso Kiladze.