21 April 2018,   17:46
Bill on liberalization of drug policydiscussed at the parliament

The parliament discusses bill on liberalization of drug policy today. According to amendments to the Criminal Code, sanctions imposed on marijuana consumption will be relieved.

According to the amendments, in the first case of consumption of drugs will not be criminally charged. The definition of amount of cannabis and marijuana will change as well.
In the case of cannabis, an amount will be determined 140 grams instead of 50 grams . A large amount will be 1000 grams instead of 259 grams.

In case of marijuana, a large amount will be 70 instead of 50,

According to the Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee, the law is amended and new article is added.

The opposition believes that the draft law submitted by the Ministry of Justice is not enough . The parliamentary minority says that steps have been taken to bring the draft in line with the Constitutional Court , however, as Sergo Ratiani says it is not enough for a liberal drug policy.