12 August 2022,   17:01
"Giorgi , you will be appointed ... Do not embarrass yourself " - former chairperson of Borjomi City Councill addresses former deputy

Zaza Chachanidze, the Chairperson of Borjomi City Council was dismissed with nineteen votes against two.

21 MPs took part in the secret ballot. Representatives of United National Movement, "European Georgia" and "Labor Party" have not attended the session.

Zaza Chachanidze, the former chairperson did not attend today"s sitting as well. Chachanidze"s resignation was supported by fellow party members. After a secret ballot, it became known that eight members of the Alliance of Patriots voted in favour of his impeachment.

According to Chachanidze, his teammates received assignments from party leaders.

"I congratulate Irma Inashvili with the lustration of the party. I would like to address my formed deputee - Giorgi Gogichaishvili - Giorgi , you will be appointed ... Do not embarrass yourself,"- Zaza Chachanidze said.

The Former chairperson of Borjomi Sakrebulo says he will remain in the City Council and continue to work.