05 December 2023,   03:34
Fight against Asian stink bug - "European Georgia" demands to hold debates in parliament

The legislative body will discuss the initiative of "European Georgia" concerning the fight against Asian stink bug.

The parliamentary minority demands that the debate be held on the issue.

The opposition is interested in what part the government had failed to fight against Asian stink bug.

According to the assessment of the members of "European Georgia", Asian stink bug is a big problem for the population of Western Georgia.

On the one hand, we do not see the political and practical readiness of the government to fight Asian stink bug and to solve the problem that has damaged thousands of people in Georgia. On the other hand, the population is totally uninformed, what to do and how to fight Asian stink bug. That"s why political debate is necessary not for cursing, swearing, and slamming each other. The political debate should be about the topic that the population is worried about. Today the problem of Asian stink bug is really worrying the population of western Georgia ", Davit Bakradze said.