22 May 2024,   03:15
The situation around "Rustavi 2" causes the concern of American partners - Vashadze

The United States is concerned about the pressure on Rustavi 2 TV, the leader of "New Georgia" said.

One of the main topics of the meeting between Giorgi Vashadze and Brigitte Brinks was another attack on Rustavi 2.

Chairman of "New Georgia" states that the situation surrounding the broadcasting company causes concerns of American partners.

Giorgi Vashadze talked about the preparation of the presidential election and the nomination of the opposition candidate at the state department.

Within the visit, the Chairman of "New Georgia" will hold several meetings in the State Department.

"We have three important issues - first of all, it is a big opposition union to present a common opposition candidate in the presidential election. In fact, Georgian Dream has resumed direct fight against "Rustavi 2" in Strasbourg. It is regrettable that some opposition parties are attached to this claim but we talked about it in detail and this issue is a very important concern for the American side, "- said Giorgi Vashadze.