22 May 2024,   03:21
Insulting religious feelings may become a punishable offense.

Insulting religious feelings may become a punishable offense.

The Parliament has already started working on the legislative initiative of the member of the Georgian Patriots Emzar Kvitsiani and the Human Rights Committee supported the principles presented in the draft.

According to the draft law, public expression of hatred towards religious sanctuaries , organizations, worshipers or believers should be punished with fine or imprisonment for up to one year.

According to the amendment, if a citizen harms religious sanctuaries or objects for religious purposes, he may be sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

The draft law does not specify what specifically is meant under insult of religious feelings.

According to Emzar Kvitsiani, Archbishop Spiridon believes that insulting statements made during the sermon shall not be punishable.

"Bishop Spiridon, the Metropolitan of Upper Adjara called me and talked to me. He has comments that will be taken into consideration. This should not refer to what the Father or other clergy would say while preaching, "- Emzar Kvitsiani said.

The statement was made by Sopho Kiladze, Chairperson of Human Rights Committee.According to Sophio Kiladze, chairman of the Human Rights Committee, she shares the principle that insult of religious feelings should be punished, but the parliament needs to adopt a foreseeable law which will clearly define what is the insult of religious feelings.