22 May 2024,   02:57
The right to freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed by the Constitution - Opposition responds to Patriarchate"s statement regarding Rustavi 2

Non-parliamentary opposition responds to the statement made by the Georgian Patriarchate regarding boycotting the broadcasting company Rustavi 2.

Leaders of political parties state that the freedom of speech and expression in the country is guaranteed by the Constitution, and the government is trying to limit it.

"The government wants to restrict the freedom of speech. I am a devoted son of the church and I will give Rustavi 2 an interview, because here I have the opportunity to express my position, "said NDP leader Bachuki Kardava.

Politicians estimate that the offense of religion should be condemned but the freedom of expression is an important value.
The Patriarchate calls on the clergy and the parish to boycott Rustavi 2 and stop all communication with the company.