25 November 2020,   12:34
Third sector demands resignation of Tsulukiani and the Minister says NGOs" have psychosis

The civil sector responds to the proposal of the Minister of Justice to participate in the selection process of the Chief Prosecutor and asks Tsulukiani to resign. According to NGOs, assessment, the Minister does not have their trust mandate, so they are not going to participate in the consultations.

Tea Tsulukiani did not consider the third sector recommendation and the process of selection of a new Chief Prosecutor started today. Tsulukiani has less than a month to choose 3 candidates and submit to the Board.

Despite the acute assessment of the Minister of Justice, the NGO sector tried to explain to Tea Tsulukiani why she should resign from office and to distance from the process of selecting a new Chief Prosecutor.

Ana Dolidze, the non-judge of the Supreme Council of Justice is demanding the resignation of the Minister of Justice. She has already received a proposal from a part of the professional circles to participate as a candidate .

Shalva Shavgulidze, who is the candidate to the post of the chief prosecutor of the European Union speaks about the need for reforms.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Natia Mezvrishvili was nominated as one more possible candidate of the majority.

The opposition is sure that the candidate nominated by the "Georgian Dream" will not have public trust.

The Justice Minister says that in two months or in late July, the country will have a new chief prosecutor. Shotadze"s successor will be elected by Parliament for 6 years.