29 November 2021,   10:26
Autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine - Synod session will be held on Thursday

The meeting of the World Patriarchate delegation with with His Holiness has ended. Members of the delegation introduced Ilia II to the world Patriarch"s position regarding the church processes in Ukraine. It is known that the Church of Ukraine demands segragation from the Russian Church.

The meeting was closed for media. The Patriarchate explained that they will post on their website what will be discussed at the meeting today.

According to the Courier, a two-member delegation from the world Patriarchate arrived in Georgia. Metropolitan Emanuel and Metropolitan Bartholomeus will stay in Tbilisi for two more days.

The Patriarchate of Georgia will hold a Synod session on the autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine on Thursday.
The Russian Church delegation also held a few days ago a meeting on the same issue in the Patriarchate.

The position of the Georgian Patriarchate will be crucial to the issue of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.