26 October 2021,   07:10
5000 GEL collateral for beating the UNM MP - court dismissed Ozurgeti Sakrebulo "Dream" member on bail

5000 GEL collateral for the attack on "National Movement" - the court dismissed Tariel Aroshidze, chairman of the faction "Georgian Dream" in Ozurgeti Sakrebulo in exchange for bail.

The accused is only partially convicted of the crime, but in what part Tariel Aroshidze does not specify.

His lawyer says that his client is not avoiding responsibility and explains that he it is connected with emotional state.

The UNM is dissatisfied with the decision of the court, which announces the protest rallies. Davit Mzhavanadze says that in addition to Tariel Aroshidze another 4 people participated in this incident. He demands their punishment.

Tariel Aroshidze, MP from the Ozurgeti Sakrebulo "Georgian Dream" faction physically assaulted the MP of the National Movement, Beso Katamadze.

The incident took place two days ago. According to the victim, he was attacked in the office of "Georgian Dream" and wounded in his head. According to Beso Katamadze, the attack was connected to his post in the social network.