27 January 2022,   15:50
Economics and Foreign Ministers have left positions - the composition of the temporary government is known

Parliament has already begun to work on approval of a new technical government. The bureau session begins at this moment the to find out who will fulfil the duties of ministers in the transition period.

It is already known that Deputy Minister of Economy will replace Dimitri Kumsishvili ,Nikoloz Gagua, the former Deputy Minister Finances will replace Mamuka Bakhtadze and Davit Zalkaliani will replace the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The parliamentary majority states that at this stage is too early to say which Ministries will be abolished.

The chairman of the Georgian Dream faction says that the deputy ministers will fulfil the duties of the ministers, therefore work of agencies will not be hindered.

Members of the ruling team say that reduction of ministries is acceptable to them.

"Small government as a concept is acceptable to me. , "Roman Kakulia said.

The restructuring of the ministry needs legislative amendments. As the chairperson of the Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules explains, at this stage the composition of the Transitional Government will be approved but three Ministries will be presented formally.

Georgia will have a temporary government for the next three weeks.