27 January 2022,   14:56
Misappropriation of half a million GEL - Zurab Tkemaladze and Gogi Topadze blamed for swindle

The chairman of the party "Our Homeland" accuses former political partner the "Industrialists" of swindling. Zviad Chitishvili asserts that Zurab Tkemaladze and Gogi Topadze misappropriated his half million GEL. A businessman working in Russia, who is also the chairman of the party "Our Fatherland", was offered by "rivals" to unite before the 2016 parliamentary elections. Political transaction was held and the election bloc took part in the parliamentary elections. "Industrialists" got a single mandate in the parliament and received budgetary financing, but the partner party, which spent half a million in the elections, did not receive a single cent.

Leader of "Industrialists" advise their former political partner to appeal to the court.

NGOs are studying the issue of spending money by the party. Opposition speaks of alleged political corruption.