29 November 2021,   13:09
Politicized State Security and UNM sponsored by Bakhtadze-candidate for Prime Minister answered opposition"s critical questions

Parliament is preparing for approval of the temporary government . The PM candidate is answering MPs" questions.

After the Prime Minister"s candidate completed a lengthy speech and introduced the governmental plan to the lawmakers, the parliamentary majority and opposition representatives addressed Mamuka Bakhtadze with several questions.

The MPs" questions were about economic and political development of the country, legal issues and some were directly related to Mamuka Bakhtadze"s past activities.

National Movement MP Salome Samadashvili asked Bakhtadze about funding of UNM in 2012, and also about the Security Service that the ruling team uses for political purposes.

According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, Georgia has a personal data protection inspector who is supported by international organizations and is doing very efficiently.

As for the National Movement"s funding, Bakhtadze reiterates why he financed the party in power in 2012.

"Technically accounts of physical persons were used and there are more than 30 thousand people. Accordingly, if this was a fraud, it is very interesting who is the beneficiary of this fraud? "Bakhtadze said.