25 June 2022,   12:48
Merger of ministries last year increased administrative expenses by 15 million - IDFI

What amount of money will be saved by the optimization of the ministries - the civil sector demands specific figures from the government.

"Institute for Development of Freedom of Information" releases a study on the results of December 2017 optimization and structural changes.

Instead of saving money, administrative expenses increased by 15 million, at the background of not to increase salaries and service costs.

According to the civil sector, the structural changes that began last year did not provide bureaucratic cost optimization for the first 5 months of 2018.

Saba Buadze, head of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), said that last year the Ministry of Culture and Sport did not save budget resources.

"Although the number of concrete units decreased, for example, the number of employees in the Ministry of Culture and Sport decreased by 35 staff units, however, the remuneration of labor has not been reduced and remained the same. Also, we can say that the cost of goods and services in both these ministries has not decreased but increased and exceeded 12 million, and we can say that the motivation to save budgetary resources that the first wave of government optimization has not brought the result., "- said Saba Buadze.

Structural changes in the Georgian government began in December 2017, when the number of ministries decreased from 18 to 14.

According to Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, 100-120 million GEL will be saved as a result of the structural changes planned in the Georgian government.