30 June 2022,   20:39
So-called Cyanide Case - Father Giorgi is ready to answer all the questions of clergy

A message of the convicted deacon From the so-called Matrosov prison - Father Giorgi Mamaladze is ready to meet the high priests interested in details of the so-called Cyanide Case and provide them with detailed information. Mikheil Ramishvili made a statement about it after the meeting with Father Giorgi today.

According to the lawyer, Giorgi Mamaladze wants to meet with the Metropolitan of Poti and Khobi l. However, the convict is ready to hold a meeting with every bishop.

According to Mikheil Ramishvili, father Giorgi Mamaladze is going to talk about his role in this case and the role of other representatives of clergy and civilians.