04 December 2021,   03:30
Kumsishvili-Alavidze"s Case - according to Courier, Prosecutor"s Office is looking for a $ 710-million loan

Dimitri Kumsishvili is still waiting for summoning to the Investigative Office after being questioned as a witness in the Prosecutor"s Office. Recently, lawyer Dimitri Gabunia, arrived at former deputy prime minister`s home.

The lawyer says that he have been defending Kumsishvili"s interests for a month already.

The former Minister of Infrastructure Zurab Alavidzel does not have a lawyer yet. Today the Courier has found out thatprosecutor"s office questioned Alavidze last week. Alavidze"s residence is closed in Vake. He is not in the Tsavkisi summer house either.

The case on which the former Minister of Infrastructure was questioned last week at the Prosecutor"s Office was about 710-million project. This money was funded by the European Investment Bank for building a 57-km road to Samtredia-Grigoleti. In order to build a part of the road, the Ukrainian company AltoMos was given money by the Ministry of Regional Development in advance, but this company has not built the way and the 47 million which was transferred to the company were not returned.

The investigation has questions regarding the section of Samtredia-Grigoleti road that is built by two Chinese companies.

Investigation is underway in the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Georgia for the misuse of official authority and misappropriation of large amounts of budget funds.