23 January 2022,   10:47
Scandal in Army - Military Police of US Armed Forces launched investigation against 4 Georgian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan

Military police of the US Armed Forces launched an investigation against several Georgian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

The case concerns the alleged offense committed on the territory of the military base. Courier"s source tells us that several Georgian military are accused of stealing.

According to the source, Georgian soldiers stole items from the military unit and then the items were found in barracks during the search. Some of the items were transferred from the base area and sold at the Kabul market.

According to the Courier`s source, this is not the first case when the soldiers were found guilty of such offense, but at this time the military command of the NATO base took the decision of exemplary punishment of Georgian soldiers and launched an investigation.

Soldiers were taken for interrogation by the US Military Forces by the Military Police.

Colonel Nikoloz Janjghava, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces,did not answer the questione whether he had information about launching an investigation against Georgian soldiers.

Archil Omiadze, head of the General Relations Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, said in conversation with Courier that he has no information about it.

The colonel, senior military representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Kakha Tabatadze, confirms that the Georgian militaries were taken for questioning.