23 January 2022,   09:08
Who started the 2008 war - Salome Zourabichvili explains her scandalous statemen

Salome Zourabichvili gave explanation in the social network regarding her statement on the August 2008 war, which was followed by a critical reaction

The presidential candidate says that her statement, where she blamed Georgia for starting August 2008 war was wrongly interpreted.

Salome Zourabichvili explains that in 2008 the aggressor country was Russia and the August war was unfolded in accordance with the Russian scenario.

The presidential candidate, however, accuses Mikheil Saakashvili, the third president of Georgia and the then government in the implementation of the Russian scenario.

"During these two days I have heard a number of statements and interpretations of my comments on the August war .

1. The answer to question on who was the aggressor in 2008 is unequivocal: Russia.

Russia had illegally occupied by our territories until August 2008 and was carefully preparing for the August war,the information that Saakashvili and his surroundings knew.In August 2008, processes unfolded in accordance with the Russian scenario, because it was prepared long before August;

2. The answer to the question whether or not Saakashvili has contributed to the implementation of the Russian scenario is also unambiguous: yes.

Moreover, the insane and traumatized behavior of Saakashvili and his surroundings was a necessary prerequisite for Putin"s scenario. Instead of responding to Russian provocations by securing our population and paying attention to international partners, he gave military response to Russian provocations so that Russia used as a pretext to start war against Georgia.

This was the great crime of Saakashvili and the National Movement before the Georgian people and the Georgian state, and our obligation is to remind of it .

The reminder of all this is necessary for two reasons: to prevent criminals from returning to power, and to prevent the government from ever committing such irreparable crime before the country and the people.

I will always say this, since the "National Movement " and their satellites have always been the best pillars of Russia and the anti-Western forces in our country.

And lastly, blaming me by the people who have brought Russian troops back that left the country before thanks to my efforts is nothing else than a lack of adequacy and an unsuccessful attempt to cover their own crimes.

This is my final comment on the August war. An interesting presidential and European campaign awaits us ahead, "Zurabishvili said.