25 May 2022,   11:35
Scandalous audio recording and alleged corruption scandal in Zugdidi City Hall - former Zugdidi mayor questioned

Scandalous audio recordings and alleged corruption scandal in Zugdidi City Hall - A few minutes ago Lasha Gogia, former mayor of Zugdidi arrived at the State Security Service.

He did not respond to journalists" questions before entering the agency`s premises and noted that he will speak on Monday about the scandalous record.

Kakha Mikaia has been in the office for one hour already.

One of the leaders of "Defend Georgia" has been summoned to the Investigative Office on the case of secret recordings, which were publicized by the Courier and due to which the investigation was launched.

Kakha Mikaia claims that only a small part of audio recording has been spread in media, but in fact the record lasts for 1 hour and 57 minutes. Mikaia says that the record is new.

"The businessman Gogia and Kobalia are participating in the conversation. I will transfer this record to the Anti-Corruption Service and let it take care of authenticity. I"m sure that this recording is real, "Mikaia said.

The case deals with a possible corrupt deal. Recordings show that Georgian businessman working in Russia gave a bribe to Zugdidi Mayor and his deputy in exchange for winning the auction. However, the condition was breached and Zurab Kvirkvia did not get the desired territories.