06 August 2020,   17:14
Elite Corruption Risks in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Audit Service publishes scandalous conclusion

The Audit Service publishes a scandalous conclusion, where the state agency speaks about a possible corrupt deal. The case concerns the brother of the deputy minister of foreign affairs, Vato Makharoblishvili, to whose company Landmark Project the ministry transferred 700 thousand GEL for conducting the works.

The audit service found out that the company was registered a day prior to the deposit of the sum and the obliged duty was not fulfilled.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vato Makharoblishvili himself asserted that he knew nothing about the contract signed between the Ministry and his brother`s company.

The Audit Office says that the initial version of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was sent to Davit Zalkaliani as a minister. The diplomatic agency had no comments with the controlling body on the noisy conclusion. Thus the primary version of the Land Mark history was left in the final document and sent to the Prosecutor"s Office.

It is not clear what plan the Prosecutor"s Office has and whether the former and current senior officials will be questioned on the criminal case. The Chief Prosecutor did not answer this question today.

The Audit Office also points to the incorrect expenditure of representative expenses in diplomatic institutions. The conclusion of the controlling body states that the contents of the embassies" activities, the information regarding the attending the event persons and the expenditure was often inappropriate, which generates a risk of uneconomic spending from the budget.