22 May 2024,   05:52
Electricity tariff may be increase from 12.5 tetri to 27.5 "- World Bank`s Scandalous Conclusion on Construction of HPPs

The secret agreements and scandalous conclusions regarding the giant hydroelectric power plants released by the World Bank. The 17-page document is prepared on Nenskra HPP, Namakhvani and Koromkheti HPPs. World Bank specialists talk about the risks. The document states that, as a result of the construction of HPPs, Georgia will get electricity for more expensive price than the tariff for consumers. The conclusion that was prepared at the beginning of 2018 and has not been publicized yet is considered alarming by specialists. Energy experts and environmentalists say that Georgia will receive billions of financial losses in parallel with ecological disaster.

"From today"s 12,5 Tetri electricity tariff may increase up to 27.5," said Davit Chipashvili, member of "Green Alternative".

Nino Chkhobadze, the co-chairperson of the "Friends of the Earth-Georgia", explains that in every country where such conclusion is being presented such projects are reviewed.
"It is clear that there are very serious environmental problems," said Nino Chkhobadze.