05 December 2023,   02:27
"Our advice is to think first and then to do business until they are in power" - Irma Nadirashvili

Members of "European Georgia" respond to the suspension of the Georgian Dream"s draft law on cultivation and export of cannabis and its possible withdrawal.

One of the leaders of the party Irma Nadirashvili made a statement. The member of the parliamentary minority advises the ruling team to think first and act later.

"The church was still there when they introduced the bill and they knew it was about the existence of this institution and knew about the existence of the opposition. When you are in power, you are obliged to think about what reaction will follow. The trouble with this government is that they do something first and only then begin to think about what their steps may cause. Our advice is to think about it and then to do their work until they are in power, "Irma Nadirashvili said.