02 October 2022,   04:20
"We have asked the Parliament not to adopt the law on the cultivation of marijuana" -Patriarch

The Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia responds to the suspension of the draft law on cultivation and export of marijuana. Ilia II declares that the decision was taken by the authorities on the basis of the request of the Church. The Patriarch hopes that the bill will not be returned to by the government in future as well.

"You know, the excitement was in our nation because of the law concerning marijuana. We need to know that drugs and marijuana among them are disastrous. We need to know that it is dangerous for our youth, for our future. We asked our government, our parliament to withdraw this law on cultivation of marijuana. So far this law has been suspended and I hope it will not be adopted in the future. We hope that peace will establish in Georgia and our families will be calm. We ask the Lord to listen to our prayers and the Lord to inspire our authority to do it, "said Ilia II.