18 January 2022,   22:41
Let"s unite around Grigol Vashadze and start a new development stage - Giorgi Vashadze

United Opposition - Leaders of the Strength is in Unity met with Tbilisi residents in Philharmonic Hall and talked about future plans.

The head of Grigol Vashadze"s headquarters, Giorgi Vashadze talked about economic problems in the country. According to him, there is no justice in the country and brought as an example the case of the fathers of murdered teenagers.

"At this time we have a government that only thinks about its own personal interests. They do not care about the problems in the country; they do not think of human hardship and life and only thinks about their personal interests, and in the 21st century, in the conditions of knowledge economy they offer the country of huge culture and history vultivatiion of cannabis.It will not happen in this country, "- Vashadze said.

He addressed the leaders of the ruling party and noted that they will be defeated in the presidential election.

"I want to address Bidzina Ivanishvili - there are many more of us ; we do not sell, Georgia is not for sale, our future is not for sale and therefore we will win. I want to address the leaders and supporters of European Georgia, there is no half-fight, there is no half-way cooperation either you are on the side of truth or you will always lose, "- Vashadze said.

According to Giorgi Vashadze, the presidential candidate Grigol Vashadze will do everything to start a new stage of development of Georgia.

"Let"s unite around Grigol Vashadze and start a completely new development stage," Vashadze said.