23 May 2024,   20:05
We do not have hope of investigation, the country is run by criminals - NGOs

The third sector responds to the scandalous recording on the Omega Group case and statement made by Zaza Okuashvili, the founder of the company.

13 NGOs have released a statement regarding the Omega Group case.

The joint statement of NGOs says that the recent developments in the country indicate a serious crisis of democracy in the country"s governance system, the signs of elite corruption and informal clan ruling.

"We are responding to the recent developments in the country that indicate serious crisis of democracy in the country"s governance system, the signs of elite corruption and informal clan ruling. We believe that the control of public institutions by an influential group and their use for narrow goals of that group causes the destruction of public institutions.

We have repeatedly seen in recent years that there are people who stand above the law and enjoy full immunity. The simultaneous existence of formal and informal structures of governance undermines the system of democratic accountability and causes the alienation of citizens towards the political system.

The government that came to power with the slogan of "restoration of justice" and elimination of serious and systemic violations of human rights, failed to demonstrate a political will of resolving these problems and to create a substantially different, more democratic system’, reads the statement.
The NGOs say it is import that the society does not ignore the above problems and demand adequate response from the authorities.
The NGOs call on the international partners of Georgia to pay special attention to the fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the authorities, including with respect to human rights and the rule of law.

The statement was introduced to journalists by Sulkhan Saladze, head of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association.

The statement is singed by: Transparency International Georgia, Georgian Young Lawyers Association, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, Democratic Initiative of Georgia, Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, Georgian Reforms’ Association, Research Journalism and Advocacy Center, 42nd Article of the Constitution, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, Open Society Foundation, Green Alternative, Atlantic Council of Georgia and Partnership for Human Rights.