16 July 2024,   16:46
The whole government is composed of murderers - Zaza Saralidze


The whole government is composed of murderers - Zaza Saralidze, father of Davit Saralidze, who was killed in Khorava Street in Tbilisi, commented on the secret audio recordings broadcasted on Rustavi 2.

It is about recordings where Mirza Subeliani, former senior prosecutor"s office employee speaks about the Khorava street case.

The father of the murdered teenager claims that he had information before Mirza Subeliani"s conversation was recorded. Saralidze requests Subeliani to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

"One year s in prison in the case of Mirza Subeliani is not enough, the whole family should be imprisoned forever. The whole government is composed of murderers, "Zaza Saralidze said.

Scandalous records are made in Gldani # 8 penitentiary establishment. According to the records, "Georgian Dream" MP for Mestia, Viktor Japaridze and former high-ranking official of the Ministry of Refugees, former employee of General Inspection Davit Tsukhishvili, the right hand of Mirza Subeliani, are in the cell with Subeliani.

The conversation lasts for about half an hour, from which it is clear that Mirza Subeliani was actually in prison on his own will - he has made a deal with the government. Even the sentence has already been agreed, how long will he stay in custody but Subeliani complains about the attitude of the ruling team, he says that the government does not appreciate his loyalty, because he knows so much that one or two facts are enough to bring people to Rustaveli Avenue and "Georgian Dream" will no longer be in power.
Mirza Subeliani claims that he does not have the hope of the state because of that, but he says that he has agreed to save the government, which means that the court should sentence him to one year of imprisonment.