24 April 2024,   15:27
Divorce due to political views - separation after a 29-year of coexistence

Due to political betrayal, the family fell apart in Guria. After 29 years of co-existence, the head of the Social Service of Ozurgeti City Hall did not forgive her husband for supporing the United Opposition"s presidential candidate.

Tamar Dumbadze"s spouse learned from the facebook post that his wife categorically disagreed with his position. The public confrontation between spouses was vaused by political reasons more specifically - presidential elections.

Tamar"s husband , Vladimir Vadachkoria, who is the head of the "Republican" party of Ozurgeti, has also publicly shared the position of his own party and said that he would support Grigol Vashadze and not Salome Zurabishvili in the second round of elections. Vladimir Vadachkoria argues that the information spread as if he and his spouse got separated for the political diagreement is wrong.

Vladimir Vadachkorianames as the reason for misunderstandings the nervous stress of his wife due to the election .

In the headquarters of the United Opposition they thinks that family-political
misunderstanding was provoked by the "Georgian Dream". The head of the headquarters suggests that the ruling party put pressure on Tamar Dumbadze.