22 May 2024,   17:50
Perverted action is obvious from the photo-video material- murdered girl`s grandfather saw the video from the phone of the accused

The father of eight-year-old Nana Berishvili, who was murdered in Gori recently left the police department. He also got information about the investigation, but Mikhail Beriashvili did not talk about details.

As far as it is known, he and the girl`s grandfather were shown the photo and video evidence that was removed from the phone of Iago Nebieridze, accused of murder. The material was taken a few minutes before the girl"s murder. Family members are demanding the severe punishment of the accused in murder .

"He should be burned publicly. I ask Kakha, who took the lead in this case, brought it to the end. I demand this pedophile to be lynched, "said grandfather of the murdered girl.

The witness also saw the attorney who avoids talking about the content of the video. It is known that Iago Naberidze and 8-year-old Nana Beriashvili are still alive in the recording.

The lawyer says that the evidence is a trolley where the trace of blood was found.Examination has been appointed and so far it is unknown to whom blood traces belong.

Nebieridze, who was accused of killing Nana Beriashvili, was sentenced for kidnapping a minor, but the sentence was reduced by amnesty law in 2012 and he left the prison on the basis of Margvelashvili`s pardon.