22 May 2024,   19:31
"All our partner"s currency was damaged even more badly" - ruling team lays responds to lari devaluation

The record-breaking l drop of lari rate is linked to the ongoing processes in the world. According to Gia Volski, the national currency of Georgia is linked to the currencies that are depreciating and this is the reason for the devaluation of the Lari rate. According to the MP, the GEL will be strengthened after the new year.

"The currency of all our trade-economic partner is much more severely damaged from this situation in the world and it is true that Georgia has a fairly negative balance between export and import, but the tendency is systematically growing. The correct economic policy is assessed by much more serious competent structures but it is not enough. Moreover, in the New Year period, the currency flow is quite intense. So we have to wait for the stability of the exchange rate in the nearest future, "Gia Volsky said.

In commercial banks one dollar price is 2.78 GEL.