24 May 2024,   15:06
Selford vs. Imedi"s Supervisory Board Chairman - London Court may impose fine on Rukhadze

The Supreme Court of England may impose a huge fine on Irakli Rukhadze. 

The dispute of Irakli Rukhadze and Company "Selford" ended with the failure of the chairperson of the Imedi TV supervisory board. The court ruled that Irakli Rukhadze is an unreliable business partner who used confidential information illegally during his work for personal purposes and has misappropriated expensive and profitable projects. The court sessions lasted two weeks in London. Irakli Rukhadze was interrogated, but the judge had the feeling that the chairman of the supervisory board of Imedi lied to the British court and gave false testimony.

After the death of Badri Patarkatsishvili, the businessman"s widow appealed to "Selford" for help. The company must have sought for Patarkatsishvili"s assets, which were assigned to different people and returned them to his family. Patarkatsishvili did not have a will, so the businessman"s family had a dispute with his former wife Olga Saponova, Oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his relative Joseph Kay. In sum, this amount was actually the whole property of Patarkatsishvili. Selford began searching for businessman"s assets, then one of the heads of this company was Irakli Rukhadze. However, according to the decision of the London Court it is clear that Rukhadze offered his personal service to Ina Gudavadze and got rid of "Selford" in the game.

Irakli Rukhadze himself does not want to talk about this issue. The question of "Courier" irritated the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Imedi".