14 June 2024,   16:51
Attack in Kvemo Bodbe - beaten member of "European Georgia" claims that the masked attackers asked him to step aside from politics

Besik Lazariashvili made the first explanation about the incident in Kvemo Bodbe. The member of "European Georgia" states that the he was attacked and beaten when he was returning home from a friend.

According to him, three masked men were asking him to step aside from politics when verbally and physically abusing him. Lazariashvili has been injured in different parts of the body.

Giorgi Ghviniashvili, Member of the Parliament of Georgia from the European Georgia made a statement at the briefing. He called on investigative bodies to investigate the case. Investigation is ongoing under the article of violence.

The incident took place in the village of Kvemo Bodbe. "European Georgia" imposes the responsibility on the ruling team. Representatives of the Georgian Dream deny participation in beating.