22 May 2024,   04:17
What we have heard from Tea Tsulukiani, these are traitorous and anti-state statements - Zaal Udumashvili

The United Opposition members together with the war fighters demanded the resignation of Tea Tsulukiani in front of the Ministry of Justice. Opposition assesses Tea Tsulukiani"s statements where Tsulukiani says that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court may refer to the Hague Court, demanding the detention of the August fighters, as anti-state.

"What we heard yesterday from Tea Tsulukiani are traitorous and anti-state statements. This is a guilty government. In general, the entire campaign of the Georgian Dream " was a self- lustration, all of its faces, the government and Tsulukiani, who yesterday made really bogus statements. I want to assure the population of Georgia that no one of our soldiers will be charged and this will be decided not by Tea Tsulukiani, not by Bidzina Ivanishvili and not by their traitor presidential candidate, but will be decide by the population of Georgia who will vote for the candidate who will lead this country forward,"- said Zaal Udumashvili.