24 April 2024,   16:10
Suicide in Kutaisi Prison N 2- Family of deceased blames prison administration in bringing prisoner to suicide

Suicide in Kutaisi Prison N 2-- 25 years old Emil Khoperia"s family blames the prison administration in bringing the prisoner to suicide. The body of the deceased was transferred to his home late last night. The family members blame the prison administration for negligence and claim that after the death of his mother, the prisoner should have been paid more attention. According to them, the corpse is mutilated and therefore they demand additional expertise. The letter of the deceased about the suicide is doubtful for the family. Emil Khoperia was serving a sentence for stealing, he should have left the penitentiary institution in 6 months.

The uncle of the deceased, Avtandil Khoperia, says that the circumstances indicate that the prisoner was brought to commit suicide.

"The letter is written in Georgian, he could not write it in Georgian, he did not know Georgian," said the uncle of the deceased , Avtandil Khoperia.