23 May 2024,   22:53
Ivanishvili is taking hostage Georgian population - acute statements from the European Parliament"s tribune

Bidzina Ivanishvili"s political game that could cost Georgia an association agreement and visa free movement. Severe criticism and threats voiced In the European Parliament towards the Georgian Dream"s government.

The reason for the concern of the European politicians is the steps taken by the ruling party - bribing of 600 thousand voters and printing of fake IDs are red lines for Brussels.

This decision of Bidzina Ivanishvili puts the Georgian voters under the greatest temptation and Georgian democracy under big threar. The members of the European Parliament lit red light to the Georgian authorities for falsification of ID cards. European MPs openly warn the heads of the country that in case of falsification of elections, the country will lose its association agreement with the EU and visa free travel.

During the debates held in the European Parliament, "Georgian Dream" government has not received any support from any European MP. In response, Georgia"s first diplomat, Davit Zalkaniani said that Europe today speaks the language of opposition.