25 July 2024,   04:48
The scandalous list of candidates for the judiciary of the Supreme Court will not be withdrawn

The scandalous list of candidates for the posts of judges of the Supreme Court, which may be the reason for splitting in the ruling team, will remain in the Parliament.
Mamuka Mdinaradze, chairman of the faction Georgian Dream, has announced that it will be necessary to discuss all ten recommendations of the High Council of Justice. He believes that the list is legitimate and parliament does not have reason to refuse to discuss it.
After Mdinaradze"s statement, part of the Georgian Dream"s MPs reminds the parliamentary chairpers of the given pledges.
Irakli Kobakhidze said at the meeting with Giorgi Mikautadze on December 28 that after the legislative regulations improve, the Council of Justice will present the renewed list to the Parliament.
A week later it has become clear that the new list will not be submitted.
From the very first days, the NGO sector demanded return of the list to the High Council of Justice. The arguments of the ruling party"s lawmakers who do not intend to question the legitimacy of the disputed list and do not intend to return it back are not clear for human rights defenders today.
The parliamentary opposition is convinced that the ruling party has lit a green light on judges of suspicious reputation.It is already known that the Council of Justice is not planning to recall the disputed list. It is not yet known when the Parliament will discuss this list or whether it will be discussed in an accelerated manner.