25 July 2024,   05:20
Tragedy in Tbilisi - Digomi explosion claims life of 4 people, including one minor A tragedy in Tbilisi, which killed 4 people, including a child.

In connection with the explosion in residential building in Digomi , the investigation began under Article 240 § 3 of the Criminal Code, which implies a violation of safety rules during construction or exploitation, resulting in the death of two or more people.
In the course of investigation, the employees of KazTransGas were quesioned. Before the tragedy, the locals called KazTransGas for help as here was smell of gas in the building.
The accident occurred on the 6th floor of one of the buildings in Digomi at 20:30. The reason allegedly is leakage of natural gas. The explosion was so strong that three more buildings were damaged nearby.