23 July 2024,   17:54
Explosion in Digomi - "KazTransGas" employees were sentenced to imprisonment

In connection with the explosion that took place in Didi Dighomi, the city court sentenced the detained employees of "KazTransGas" to pretrial detention.
The judge has satisfied the motion of the prosecution by this decision.As the prosecutor explained, there is a danger of the influence on the witnesses and the detainees should be sentenced to imprisonment.
The defense side demanded a bail as a preventive measure.
Tornike Tatishvili and Vazel Mamadiani are chraged with neglect of official duties. The case concerns the explosion in the Great Dighomi, where 4 people died, including one child of 4 years.
The detainees do not recognize the accusation. As one of the defendants, l Mamadiani stated during the trial, he examined each section of the building, but found nothing suspicious.
"There was no smell or anything. We arrived at the entrance, but there was no smell. The meter was not moving, "- said Mamadiani, adding that at the moment when he and his partner arrived at the place of the accident, there was no gas smell in the building.
According to the defendants, the building was examined with a special device, but the fact of gas leak was not confirmed.