06 August 2020,   02:03
The expected sentence is high, but the imprisonment should not be used - Kalandia"s lawyer

The court will have to decide on the preventive measure for Mikheil Kalandia today - the trial is about to begin at this moment.
The Prosecutor"s Office demands imprisonment of the defendant, and the defense side is for bail.
"Criminal procedural legislation provides several motives, due to which custody should not be used. Although the expected sentence is high, the prison sentence should not be applied because this case has been carried out since 2017 and Mikhail Kalandia has not violated any pre-conditions and has never thought about leaving the country. This is exactly the reason why detention should not be used, "said the lawyer, Ana Kotetishvili. Detained Mikheil Kalandia is blamed in Davit Saralidze`s murder in aggravating circumstances.