26 October 2021,   06:11
Facade changes in the electoral system - "National Movement" left the group working on electoral reform

The facade changes in the electoral system, or the real reform - the opposition came to the meeting with the ruling party today with a specific request. Opponents of the government are demanding to pass to a fully proportional system for the 2020 parliamentary elections. The work of the group on electoral reform in the parliament is still underway, though it has already been left by the "European Georgia" and "National Movement" in protest.
They say it is not ruled out that other members of the opposition will boycott the working group as well. One of the leaders of the National Movement, Tina Bokuchava, says that the ruling party will discuss secondary issues, while the entire opposition spectrum agrees to change the majoritarian electoral system.
"If the authorities decisively decline to consider this fundamental issue, which is absolutely acceptable for everyone, except for the" Georgian Dream ", then the work in this format may lose sense, "said Tina Bokuchava.
The ruling team says they are ready to make amendments to the electoral system. The chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee, Anri Okhanashvili explains that the government will take into consideration the recommendations issued by the OSCE after the presidential elections, but Okhanashvili does not say specifically what recommendations he implies.