26 October 2021,   05:56
"We will have a detailed discussion regarding each recommendation" - Kobakhidze does not specify whether e proportional electoral system is going to be discussed

Reform of Electoral System - The first meeting of the Working Group is completed in Parliament, but whether the opposition will continue to participate in the election campaign group, depends on the decision of the Chairman of the Parliament.

The opposition demands replacement of the majoritarian electoral system with proportional system along with the NGOs.

The ruling team does not specify whether or not are they going to take into the consideration a demand of the opposition, NGOs and international organizations .

The Chairman of the Parliament says that the working group will work on OSCE and ODHIR recommendations. According to him, recommendations relate mostly to financing political parties, free airtime, transparency of funding.

Irakli Kobakhidze says that the recommendations of the observers will be discussed in details.

"There are 27 different recommendations, we will have detailed discussion on each of them and we should formulate such regulations that will improve the electoral environment," said Irakli Kobakhidze