22 September 2021,   15:45
Decision is not final and it will enter into force if is not appealed in the Grand Chamber until October 19 - Strasbourg Court on Rustavi 2 case

Another evidence that the decision of the Strasbourg Court was executed hastily implemented by the government.

The definition, attached to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights is said that the decision is not final and will enter into the force if it is not appealed to the Grand Chamber until October 19.
"In fact, this decision is not the final and the parties can appeal against it until October 18th and if they do not use this right then the decision enters in force.

We have seen that the Ministry of Justice has registered ownership rights of Kibar Khalvashi in a few hours as well as the Director- general.
In fact, there are cases when the Minister of Justice made a statement on Merabishvili"s case and said that Strasbourg"s decision should not be enforced because the government was going to appeal to the Grand Chamber in three months, but we have seen the opposite action in our case, the Ministry of Justice has completed everything in a few hours. Now if we go to the Grand Chamber and the Grand Chamber satisfies the complaint, we may face problems with execution.

And why did the Ministry of Justice do it? - It was intentionally and aimed to hand over Rustavi 2 to Kibar Khalvashi. Actually behind it is a goal to change the editorial policy of Rustavi 2.

We will appeal against the decision of the Ministry of Justice as the registration of Kibar Khalvashi"s property, "- Dimitri Sadzaglishvili said.