02 December 2020,   13:26
Police detain two protesters outside Amirani Cinema

Police have detained two protesters outside the building of Amirani Cinema, where the premiere of Georgian-Swedish film “And Then We Danced” is scheduled.

As the Ministry said in the special statement, two persons: G.B. (DoB 1987) and N.K. (DoB 1989) were detained for “violation of a public order and disobedience of a police officer"s order. “

The aforementioned persons were detained by the police on the fact of violating Article 173 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia (disobedience of lawful order of a police officer) and Article 166 (hooliganism).

MIA once again urged everyone to obey requirements of the law. Otherwise, the police will act within its mandate and any case of violation of the law will be precluded immediately.