16 July 2024,   07:29
The choice of the electoral model should be the country"s sovereign decision - Archil Talakvadze on ODIHR report

The ODIHR report says that mixed, proportional and majoritarian systems are all legitimate and that the choice of electoral model should be the country’s sovereign decision. Such a statement made the Speaker of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze.

According to him, the 100/50 model offered by the ruling party to the opposition is balanced and compromised.

“We promised in 2016 that Georgia would move to the proportional elections and we fulfilled this promise in 2017-18, when we wrote in the constitution that the transition would take place in 2024.

Today we have a compromised offer - the 100/50 model, where the number of proportional mandates sharply increases and the number of majoritarian seats decreases. This is a balanced, compromised model and I think the opposition is also preparing to discuss this issue during our next dialogue”, - concluded Talakvadze.