22 September 2021,   00:06
The Black Sea is our destiny - Giorgi Gakharia congratulated the sailors on their professional day

The Prime Minister of Georgia addressed sailors in Batumi and congratulated them on the International Day of the Seafarer.

“It is especially true today, since in the context of the global pandemic, as you know, more than 90% of international trade falls on shipping. If not for you, the world would stop. The entire economy would stop. We are well aware of this. In Georgia today, there are more than 12 thousand sailors who work under the flags of different countries. I want to congratulate every person who is now at sea and wish them a safe return home.

As for Georgia, everyone should understand that the Black Sea is the future of this country. Economically and politically, concerning our strategic partners, the Black Sea is the gateway to Georgia, and the Black Sea is the future of Georgia. And if the Black Sea is the future of the country, then the profession of a sailor is the profession of the future. I congratulate you on the International Day of Seafarers”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.