25 October 2020,   06:30
The European Parliament calls on the Council of the EU to impose sanctions on representatives of the Belarusian authorities

The European Parliament has drafted a lengthy resolution on the situation in Belarus. The document to be vote at a parliamentary session on Thursday.

In this document, the European parliament calls on the EU institutions to delegitimize President Alexander Lukashenko as much as possible, to impose tough sanctions not only against him and the republic, but also against the Russians, supporting the Lukashenko government. The European parliament also calls on the EU institutions to block financing of Minsk through all available channels, and to provide all possible support to the Belarusian opposition.

The document contains a lot of proposals how to put pressure on Belarus. In particular, the European parliament “deplores the fact that Belarus has already loaded nuclear fuel into the first reactor of the Astravyets nuclear power plant and is planning to start producing energy in November 2020”.

It suggests that the European Council should freeze “any EU fund transfers to the current Belarusian Government and state-controlled projects and stopping EIB, EBRD and other loans to the current regime”, as well as hold “a donors’” conference for democratic Belarus.