05 December 2021,   05:57
Prime Minister meets with relevant agencies to discuss a package of additional measures to assist business and citizens

The Government of Georgia is working on a package of additional measures to assist business and citizens. To discuss this issue, today Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia held a meeting with the Government"s Economic Team and the President of the National Bank.

In light of the pandemic and its consequent economic crisis facing the world-which has its impact on Georgia, among others-it is clear now that the steps taken by the Government to provide business and citizens with social assistance no longer suffice, the Head of Government emphasized.

The meeting discussed measures to be possibly taken under the 4th phase of the anti-crisis plan, those related to social and business assistance, depending on the dynamic of the economic situation in the next period.

The Prime Minister emphasized the tremendous importance of targeted assistance at this stage in the fight against the pandemic, so that the available resources may be distributed evenly across every economic area or citizen requiring assistance in the current situation most urgently.

The meeting also underlined the country"s economic situation and the effective implementation of the measures under phase 3 of the Government"s anti-crisis plan.

The conversation touched on the monitoring of ongoing programs, including utility subsidies that will continue in the course of 4 months, from the beginning of this month through February.

The working meeting also discussed the situation in the country"s financial sector, emphasizing that, presently, bank portfolios are maintaining growth dynamics, thanks to the Government"s support measures, including programs designed to assist the development sector. The meeting also pointed out the successful implementation of interim banking supervisory measures by the National Bank.