27 January 2023,   21:53
Armed person has 12 people as hostages - the MIA issues another statement

Employees of the relevant units under the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized in Kutaisi, on Shota Rustaveli Avenue, conducting operational and investigative measures. The investigation was launched on the fact of the attack on one of the branches of “Bank of Georgia”, the act of terrorism, taking hostages for terrorism purposes, and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of ammunition.

In the course of operational-investigative activities it has been established that an armed person broke into the branch of "Bank of Georgia" located on Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Kutaisi and took several people as hostages in order to appropriate large amount of cash.

At the moment, 12 people remain in the building as hostages. Law enforcement officers are taking all necessary measures for their timely and safe release.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on the media representatives to observe the safety norms and follow the instructions of the police on the spot.

The incident is being investigated under Articles 144, 236, 323 and 329 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.