19 July 2024,   04:25
New road connecting Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Mukhran Machavariani Street opened today

Another large-scale project in Saburtalo District - the construction of the road connecting Marshal Gelovani Avenue and Machavariani Street – has completed.

The project started in 2019, but some difficulties arose during the work, having led to the delay of the completion date. Local and German specialists were involved in the process, in order to carry out the necessary safety works were carried out.

As part of the project, the main water pipes and their location have been changed. A new drainage network was installed, which was missing virtually.

It was also necessary to replace the supports of high-voltage power lines. At the same time, special islands were made, which were landscaped, light poles with LED lights were installed.

The given section of the road has the concrete pavement for two vehicles to travel in one direction. Overall, it is a four-lane road section.